How Accident Scene Photos Can Increase the Value of a Car Crash Claim

It only takes a split second for a car accident to occur, but it can take months or years to deal with the effects of a crash. Physical injuries can be severe in a lot of cases, which can cause accident victims to miss a lot of work and even end up with permanent debilitating conditions that keep them from working altogether.

If the car crash was entirely the fault of another party (or parties), you will most likely need to file an accident claim with the responsible party’s insurer. The insurance company will not be on your side though. They will look for ways to deny your claim or diminish the value of it, so they can minimize their losses. For this reason, you need to have as much evidence as possible to prove your case.

One of the most valuable ways to substantiate an auto accident claim is by presenting visual evidence. As the saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words”, and along these lines, accident scene photos will tell a much more compelling story than the words that are written in a police report.

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Why Are Accident Scene Photos So Important with a Vehicle Crash Claim?

As we touched on earlier, accident scene photos provide visual proof that is hard to dispute. With a police report, it is easy to get into a “he said, she said”, with both sides insisting that the events happened the way that they recall them. If you have eyewitness testimony, that will definitely help substantiate your version of events, but nothing tells the story of what happened better than visual evidence.

Accident scene photos can show proof of the following:

  • How the accident occurred (i.e., which vehicle driver was at fault).
  • Damage to the vehicles involved.
  • Injuries that you may have sustained.

Incidentally, if you happen to have a dashboard camera that was running during the crash, do not forget to capture the video on that camera as well. Video evidence adds a further dimension to help prove your claim.

Which Accident Scene Photos Should I Take?

If you are at the scene of a car crash, take out your camera and snap as many photos as possible. Some photos may not be as valuable as others, but you can always go back later and delete the ones that you don’t need. If you are physically unable to take photos, have someone else whom you trust do it for you.

Take wide camera shots from several angles to show as complete a picture as possible. You should also record some video footage of the scene just to show how everything fits together. Specifically, focus on details such as:

  • The vehicles that were involved in the crash, including the license plates of each vehicle.
  • Close-up shots of all of the vehicle damage.
  • Photos of any debris that may have fallen from any of the vehicles involved.
  • Photos of any other damaged objects, such as guardrails, trees, and utility poles.
  • Photos of skid marks created by any of the vehicles.
  • Photos and video of the other driver and passengers that were involved in the accident.
  • Photos and video of any individuals that witnessed the crash.
  • Photos of your injuries at the scene of the crash. Be sure to also take follow-up photos during the course of your recovery.
  • Photos of the police and emergency responders.
  • Photos showing the weather conditions at the time of the crash.
  • Photos of traffic lights, street signs, well-known buildings nearby, and other reference points.

Contact M. Adam Jones and Associates for Help with Your Alabama Vehicle Crash Claim

Accident scene photos serve as important evidence to help substantiate the facts of a car accident claim. But it is also critical to have strong legal representation to effectively present your claim (to the insurer or the court if a trial is necessary) and fight hard for the full and fair compensation you deserve. If you were injured in an auto accident in Alabama, contact M. Adam Jones & Associates today to get started on your legal claim.

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