Ways to Help your Community During the COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented event unlike anything most of us have experienced in our lifetimes. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have tested positive for COVID-19, and thousands have died so far from the virus.

In many areas of the country, major parts of our economy that have been deemed “nonessential” have been closed down, and a lot of people are unemployed or working from home, while others are being asked to work lots of overtime if they are on the front lines. And of course, we have all been asked to stay in our homes and keep our distance from others as much as possible when we do have to go out.

The COVID-19 outbreak is one of those rare experiences that is shared by all Americans. We can truly say that we are all in this together, and as such, we should all do what we can to help others who may be struggling during this difficult time. These range from the elderly who are shut in and afraid to leave their homes (for fear of catching the virus) to those who are having a hard time with isolation to those who are working overtime on the front lines even at increased risk of being exposed to the virus.

As always during major times of crisis in our country, the American spirit shines through, and people are pulling together to help get everyone through this. Here are some of the ways people are helping others who are in need within their local communities:

Grocery and Meal Delivery to the Elderly

As mentioned previously, many of the most vulnerable in our communities are anxious about having to leave their homes to get food and other essential supplies. This has prompted others in the local neighborhoods to step up and fill this need. One such example is Larry, an Uber driver from just across the border in Bay City, Florida. Between trips, Larry delivers groceries to shut-ins in his community. All he asks in return is to pay him for the groceries if they can, or just “pay it forward” to someone else and stay safe. Acts of kindness like these are helping ensure that the elderly have what they need to safely get through this pandemic.

Meals and Supplies for Frontline Workers

Healthcare workers, truck drivers, and those who work in grocery stores are among the frontline workers that are risking exposure every day to help our country deal with this crisis. Some citizens have decided to help by having meals delivered to those who are putting themselves on the line so the rest of us can stay safe. There is also a movement to get masks into the hands of frontline workers; some companies have directed their focus toward producing masks, while others who are at home are sewing masks out of materials that can be obtained from arts and craft stores. For truck drivers, some restaurants that are still open are providing free curbside delivery – all the driver has to do is call the order in and wait for it in the truck.

Sending Creative Messages to the Elderly

Children who are at home may have a lot of extra time on their hands, causing some of them to go stir crazy. And because of the virus out there, this is also an inopportune time for them to visit with their grandparents. One constructive way many of them are using this time is to create homemade cards with encouraging messages to send to their grandparents and to other elderly individuals who are in nursing homes and assisted living centers where in-person visits are extremely restricted.

Volunteering for a Local Nonprofit

Local nonprofits that provide critical services to the community are extremely short-staffed because of COVID-19. Because of health and safety considerations, many of their regular volunteers have had to step back and stay-at-home because of age and higher risk medical conditions. At the same time, demand for services like food shelves is likely to increase as the economic impact of the coronavirus is felt across the country. Some who have suddenly become unemployed and find themselves at home have decided to volunteer their time to help fill the needs of these local nonprofits.

Financial Support to Nonprofits

Not everyone can volunteer personally. There are a number of reasons you may need to stay at home, such as health concerns or kids to look after. Many of those who are in this situation are choosing to financially support the nonprofits that are in great need because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Supporting Local Businesses when They Can

The COVID-19 outbreak will have an enormous economic effect on our society. We will not really know the full impact of it until after all of this is over. What we do know is that many businesses have either closed or severely limited their offerings. For example, restaurants can only provide drive-through, curbside or home delivery. Those in the local community are stepping up to support businesses that are still open in a limited capacity to help (if even in a small way) to ease the devastating economic impact the coronavirus pandemic has had.

M. Adam Jones and Associates is Here if You Need Us

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